Chilli originates from South America. Sun Impex offers best quality Red Chilli Powder which is ideal for preparing a wide variety of Cuisines such as Curry, sausages, and many more.


Physical Standards
Product Description The free flowing dried cut fruit of Chilli which has not undergone fumigation, sterilisition or irradiation treatment
Botanical Name Capsicum Frutescens
Country of Origin India
Pack Size 25kg
Appearance/Colour Free flowing orange to red brown powder:Sweet and fruity with an Intense and fiery heat Flavour and Odour
Practicle Size Powder
Extraneous Matter < 1%
Chemical Standerds Test Units Specification
Moisture (%) 13%
Ash (%) 10%
Acid Insoluble Ash (%) %2
ScovilleLevel SHU 24,000 - 30,000
Aflotoxin B1 ug/kg<5
Aflotoxin Total ug/kg<10
Ochratoxin A ug/kg<30
Microbiological Standerds Test Units Specification
E-Coli Cfu/g<100
Salmonella Cfu/g Absent in 25