whey powder

Whey Powder (DM 40 / 70 / 90) and Sweet Whey Powder

Sunrise Overseas whey powders are manufactured from fresh Acid casein whey by the process of Nanofiltration, Ultra filtration (WPC), lon- Exchange, Evaporation, Crystallization and Drying.


25 Kg Multi-wall Kraft paper bags with inner polyethylene food grade liner.


Product can be stored for 12 months from date of manufacture. It should be stored and Shipped in a cool, dry environment, below 27d C. It should not be exposed to direct Sunlight and should not be in contact with walls or floor, so as to enhance shelf life.


Container loads are transported with inner plastic liner for protection, without pallets. The Usual capacity of a 20 feet container is 17 MT and 40 feet container is 25 MT.


The limited mineral content permits tight controls on the concentration of various minerals in special dietary food products. It is most commonly used on a large scale, worldwide, in Infant formulae preparation for creating humanized formulae. Other usages are in dairy products dry blends, wet blends, prepared dry mixes, bakery products, chocolates, soups, sauces, ice creams fortified products, yoghurt drinks, to name a few.


Product Name Whey Protein Concentrate 35
Part No: WPC 35
Sensory Requirements
Color Creamy-White
Flavor Odor Typical of Product, without other smell
Structure Typical Milk Powder
Chemical Requirements
Fat Max 4,0%
Moisture Max 4,0%
Protein Dry Matter Min 35,0 %
Mechanical Impurities disc A max B
Acidity in SH
Ash Max 7,0 %
Microbiological Requirements
Total Plate Count / 1g Max 30 000 / g
Colliforms / 10g Negative
Staphylococcus Aureus / 10g Negative
Salmonella / 25g Negative
Listera Monocytogenes / 25g Negative
Shelf Life / Conditions Storage
Shelf Life / Conditions Storage 12 months from production date
Temperature = 25C
Relative Humidity = 75%
Bag 25kg, Multiply bags with Polythylene Lining
Bulk Nbig Bag 1 000 kg